Illinois Department of Transportation Omer Osman, Acting Secretary
Eastern Bypass Study

From Interstate 74 to Illinois Route 6 — Tazewell, Woodford, and Peoria Counties

A Context Sensitive Solutions Project

How You Can Get Involved

To ensure that all who have a stake in the project can participate, we have drafted an extensive Stakeholder Involvement Plan for the Study.  The plan includes a wide variety of public involvement opportunities and will be updated over the course of the study.

Currently the plan includes:

  • A kickoff meeting at the beginning of the Study to present the Study process to the public.
  • General public information meetings to present the status of the study and to receive comments and suggestions.
  • A formal public hearing, before the completion of the Corridor Study, to officially receive comments about the preferred corridor.
  • IDOT will meet with individuals or small groups, as requested, to discuss the Study
  • This website will be continually updated to provide current information about the Study and to provide a way to submit questions, comments, or suggestions to us.
  • A Community Advisory Group will be being formed to help provide input for the Study process.
  • An Eastern Bypass Study newsletter will be distributed periodically to provide key Study information.

To place your name on the Study mailing list, or to contact us for any other reason, click here: Contact Us

Site Updated: August 28, 2015