Illinois Department of Transportation Omer Osman, Acting Secretary
Eastern Bypass Study

From Interstate 74 to Illinois Route 6 — Tazewell, Woodford, and Peoria Counties

A Context Sensitive Solutions Project

Study Area Map
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Tier 1 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

IDOT is nearing completion on the study’s Tier 1 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). A DEIS is a detailed document that explains the purpose of the proposed project, the various alternatives that have been studied for meeting that purpose, the environmental and community impacts associated with those alternatives, and the process that led to the selection of a Recommended Preferred Alternative (as shown on the map to the left).

DEIS Comment Period and Public Hearing

Once the DEIS has been prepared, it will be made available for formal public comment. As part of this comment period, IDOT will conduct a public hearing to explain the document’s contents and to receive formal comments. IDOT is expecting the hearing will take place in early 2020.

Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

After all comments have been received, they will be summarized in a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Tier 1 study. Once the FEIS is approved by the Federal Highway Administration, the Tier 1 study will be complete. IDOT currently expects this to take place in 2020.

Last Updated: July 7, 2020