Illinois Department of Transportation Omer Osman, Acting Secretary
Eastern Bypass Study

From Interstate 74 to Illinois Route 6 — Tazewell, Woodford, and Peoria Counties

A Context Sensitive Solutions Project

Study Overview

The Eastern Bypass project is currently in the first of a two part study process.  This first part is a Corridor Study.  The second is an Alignments Study.

The goal of the current Corridor Study is to find one path, or "corridor," out of many possible corridors, that would be best general location for the Bypass.  Corridors are wide enough to allow for many different specific highway locations within them.

Once the Corridor Study is complete, with one preferred corridor selected, the Alignments Study will begin.  The goal of the Alignments Study will be to find one precise route location for the proposed project.

The chart on the left is a graphic view of both the Corridor and the Alignment Study.  The chart on the right shows the Corridor Study process in detail.

Phases Phases
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Click here for a larger
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